13th SABIS® Global Sports Tournament Sharjah & Ajman 2023

General Rules

  1. Tracksuits will be specially made for the event and sent to schools in advance. Team members are expected to travel wearing the tracksuits.
  2. Each team member participating in the tournament is to wear their school’s sports outfit during game time. Each school or coordinator must send to the event organizers their school colors and lists of the coaches and players by the deadline set on the provided checklist.
  3. Students are expected to be on their best behavior during the tournament. Students who misbehave may not be permitted to take part in the competition. The conduct of the students during this event is the responsibility of the accompanying staff who will have no other duties at the tournament other than to coach the students during the games and monitor their behavior at all times.
  4. Students may not compete in different sports in the tournament. Exceptionally, students can participate in both sprint and long jump.
  5. The event organizers will provide heads of delegations, upon their arrival to the host country, with information booklets to clarify important issues related to the opening and closing ceremonies, sporting events, accommodation, etc.
  6. Teams/competitors are required to arrive at the allocated court/field ahead of the scheduled timing of the sport they are competing in (15 minutes prior to individual events and 30 minutes prior to team events). Announcements about the start of the competitions will not be made.
  7. If one or more players’ names do not appear on the final list of participants sent by the school for a certain sports category, they will not be allowed to participate in the tournament.
  8. Any protests regarding a specific game must be submitted by the coach to the technical committee present at the location directly after the game. No protests will be accepted at any time after that.